Undercounter Refrigerators

Carefully engineered to preserve the freshness of your ingredients, meals and beyond, our wide selection of Undercounter Refrigerators give a functional upgrade to any kitchen in one elegant package. Choose from a variety of sizes, finishes, and storage options to complement your space while meeting your storage needs.

  1. 24-in Built-in Refrigerated Drawers
    USD: $3,729.00
  2. 15-in Built-in Refrigerator
    USD: $2,049.00
  3. 24-in Built-in Refrigerator Freezer
    USD: $2,869.00
  4. 15-in Outdoor Built-in Refrigerator
    USD: $2,729.00

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24-In Marvel Professional Refrigerator With Brightshield

24-In Marvel Professional Refrigerator With Brightshield

Designed to preserve the freshness of ingredients, meals and beyond, the Marvel Professional 24” Refrigerator gives a functional upgrade to any kitchen. A versatile glide-out shelf features a removable glass pane to convert to a wine rack, allowing you to store a combination of food, beverages and wine. Our cantilevered shelving adjusts shelf height to accommodate even tall items, and the MaxStore bin is the perfect storage solution for loose items. This model is available in both stainless steel and panel-ready finishes to complement your kitchen design. Select models feature BrightShield Antimicrobial Lighting, creating a cleaner environment for foods and beverages.

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Add a functional upgrade to your kitchen with our undercounter refrigerators, and keep your favorite foods and meal ingredients fresh and on hand. With our variety of sizes, finishes and storage options, you can compliment your design while meeting your storage needs.

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More About Undercounter Refrigerator

What is an undercounter refrigerator used for?

A few examples include extra home bar beverage storage, cold snacks in the kitchen for little ones, fresh produce near your meal prep station and bottled water & supplements in a home gym. The possibilities are endless.

What should I look for in an undercounter refrigerator?

Find a product that suits your needs. Note your available space, the intended purpose and specific preferences like a stainless steel or panel-ready finish. Explore our convenient interior storage configurations to determine the right product for you.

Are all undercounter fridges the same size?

There are many different sizes - many designed to fit standard cabinet cutouts. To know the dimensions of an undercounter refrigerator, check out the product’s spec sheet to find product and cabinet cutout dimensions. These can be found by selecting a product and navigating to the ‘ Product Downloads’ tab. Documentation can also be found on our Manuals & Guides page.

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