A CLOSER LOOK: Marvel Signature Storage Features

3-in-1 Convertible Shelving

Our 3-in-1 Convertible Shelf provides even more flexible internal storage versatility for any configuration of food, beverages or wine. Simply lift one or both of the split glass panes to reveal a hidden wine rack to cradle up to 7 bottles per shelf! And, the Marvel Professional collection offers glide-out convertible shelving to access contents more easily.


MaxStore Bin

The clear-view, high-capacity MaxStore bin is a durable yet elegant storage solution that glides out easily to reach items even in the far back. It helps organize loose, bulky items and is capable of storing 15 pounds of produce, 4 wine bottles or 22 cans.

Smooth-Glide Shelving

Access contents more easily with our smooth-glide shelving system on robust, ball bearing glides, available on many Marvel Professional models. You'll be able to keep better track of the items you have in the back and prevent forgetful spoilage.

Adjustable Shelving System

Adjust shelving height to the items you're storing, even tall 2-liter bottles and milk jugs. No more cramming groceries to fit the confines of your refrigerator.

Quick-Grip Drawer Divider

Our refrigerated drawer models feature an adjustable quick-grip divider to organize items and prevent tipping or sliding when the drawer is opened.

Magnum Wine Bottle Storage

Our Marvel Professional wine collection is designed with heavy-gauge wine cradles and glide-out shelving that can accommodate magnum sizes and even champagne bottles.


4-in-1 Draft Dispensers Storage

All of our dispenser models feature adaptable interiors with stow-on-board shelving for multiple storage configurations, including half barrel, tall quarter keg or pony keg, two sixth barrels or Cornelius kegs and full beverage storage.

Adjustable Nugget Ice Settings

Marvel Nugget Ice Machines offer five settings to adjust ice density to the texture you prefer most, from soft and easy to chew to extra crunchy.

Commercial-Grade Freezer Baskets

Marvel freezers are a beautiful and practical way to organize heavy, bulky freezer goods. With easy glide-out access, our durable, commercial-grade chrome baskets are a great solution for bulk buying groceries and make-ahead meals.