about marvel premium refrigeration

Handcrafted Food and Wine Preservation

The smarter way to live fresh

As the original refrigeration experts since 1892, Marvel continues to uphold its hallmark standards for unrivaled craftsmanship, energy-efficient performance and signature features. These attributes are emblematic of the Marvel name and what continues to propel our reputation as the undercounter refrigeration brand to be desired.

More design options. More convenient places.

The benchmark for clever design and storage flexibility, Marvel offers a multitude of size options, finishes and shelving configurations or home and outdoor. It’s the brand found in world-class sports stadiums, celebrity entertainment rooms, luxury hotels and thousands of homes across North America. And, it’s the brand trusted by hospitals and medical facilities to preserve vital specimens to a precise degree of temperature stability.

It’s all in the luxury details

Experience the difference quality craftsmanship makes in the elegant styling, smart design and infallible durability, built into each unit. You can see the impeccable fit and lustrous finish that merges seamlessly with cabinetry, as if both were inspired from one like design. You can taste the difference in the way Marvel preserves the pure, perfectly chilled flavor of food, wine and beverages.

The Marvel difference 

Marvel products are engineered, hand-built, tested and inspected against stringent quality standards in the Marvel Refrigeration manufacturing facility based in Greenville, Michigan. An invested ENERGY STAR® partner, Marvel is committed to building a quality product in an environmentally-friendly manner through tightly controlled and closely monitored processes.

When you choose Marvel Premium Refrigeration, you’re choosing 125 years of handcrafted quality and leading innovation. You’re choosing American-made products, and most importantly, you’re choosing the most precise, most adaptable refrigeration solutions you can find.

We base our products and business practices on these core pillars.

Heart of the Home

Our products are a way of life. We are a part of the family and the center of where memories are made.

Full Line of Premium Refrigeration

Our products share a unique yet cohesive look, enhancing the visual impact of kitchen design.

Enduring, Timeless Excellence

We insist on demanding quality standards and build quality down to the details – offering permanence and resilience that lasts a lifetime.

Sustainable Business Practices

Not only our products energy-efficient and sustainably built, but we also ensure our operations are eco-conscious.

Advanced Technology

Our products have evolved to ensure relevance in the 21st century by boasting state-of-the-art technology and quality craftsmanship.