Marvel 24" Low Profile Beverage Center | MA24BCG1

Marvel Refrigeration Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know where you can purchase a handcrafted Marvel refrigerator? Wondering how to install your Marvel ice machine? You’ll find these and many more answers below. If your question isn’t answered below, please call Marvel Customer Service at 800-223-3900 or send us an email through our contact form.

General Product FAQs - Click to view

Where can I buy Marvel products?

Any of our dealers will be happy to assist you with purchasing Marvel products. To find the Marvel dealer nearest you, please visit our dealer locator. Enter your zip code for a listing of dealers who can assist you with product and pricing questions.

How can I find the Marvel dealer nearest to me?

How much do Marvel products cost?

For Marvel product pricing, please contact a Marvel authorized dealer. To find a Marvel dealer near you, please visit our dealer locator.

What happens if I buy a Marvel product from an unauthorized dealer?

Marvel does not support any warranty or service work for products purchased from unauthorized dealers.

Can I buy direct from the Marvel factory?

Marvel products are sold exclusively through authorized dealers, and are not available for purchase from our factory.

How do I get literature on Marvel products?

Technical & Installation FAQs - Click to view

Where can I find Marvel product specifications?

On each product page, you’ll find a “Specifications” tab with quick details.

Or, click here to download Marvel Product Spec Sheets by product model number.

Do I need to have my Marvel product professionally installed?

With the exception of Marvel ice machines, you can install Marvel undercounter appliances yourself. It is highly recommended that a qualified technician install your Marvel ice machine due to the necessary water hookup. The relevant owner manual will provide detailed installation instructions on all Marvel products. For a list of qualified technicians in your area, please contact your Marvel dealer or go to our Service Locator page.

Do I really need to have a dedicated outlet?

Marvel undercounter products are UL approved for a 15 amp circuit, and we recommend a dedicated outlet to guard against circuit overload.

What is the normal operating temperature range for my Marvel?

Marvel product temperature control ranges are custom tailored for their intended applications. Please see the product’s features tab, literature or owners manual for the temperature control range of the specific product you are interested in.

Why does my temperature reading differ from my set point?

Marvel temperature controls have been designed to display the average temperature of the contents throughout the refrigeration on/off cycle, not the temperature set-point. Temperatures outside the normal operating range may be displayed temporarily due to usage (frequency of door openings), and periodic automatic defrost cycles.