Beverage Dispensers

With indoor and outdoor options for built-in and even mobile applications, our Beverage Dispensers are perfect for hosting a party or enjoying a relaxing drink at home. Choose from single and twin beer or wine taps for the ultimate home bar customization. Pour fresh drinks for you and your guests when, and wherever you want them.

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24-In Built-In Dispenser For Beer, Wine And Draft Beverages

24-In Built-In Dispenser For Beer, Wine And Draft Beverages

Pour fresh drinks on tap at the perfect serving temperature. Marvel Beverage Dispensers are ideal for parties or a personal happy hour in the comfort of your own home. Upgrade your kitchen or home bar with our 24” Beverage Dispenser, capable of storing kegs of various sizes, including half kegs, Cornelius kegs, sixth barrels and more. Store cans and bottles with two included stow-on-board stainless steel shelves, converting your unit to refrigeration storage. Customize your Marvel Beverage Dispenser with single or twin tap kits for wine, beer or other draft beverages and keep your favorite drink on hand all day long.

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More About Dispensers

What are beverage dispensers?

Beer Dispensers, Beverage Dispensers, or Keg Refrigerators or are refrigerators with tap options that serve up beer, cider, craft brews and other carbonated beverages.

How many gallons does a beverage dispenser hold?

The capacity of each product varies by model. Refer to any product spec sheet to learn more about internal capacities.

What should I look for in a beverage dispenser?

Find a product that fits your needs. Note the space you have available, where it will be located (indoors or outside), what beverages you want to serve and specific features.

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