How It Works:
Marvel Dynamic Cooling Technology

Food preservation is a science of the proper storage environment, and the key to how long food will last is directly related to the cooling performance of your refrigerator.

That's why investing in a top-performing refrigerator will help reduce wasteful food spoilage and needless trips to the grocery store. As a matter of fact, the average American family throws away 25% of the food and beverages they buy. That's as much as $2,275 in wasted spending every year! (Source: Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics | Food & Agriculture Organization)

Let's take a closer look at what makes Marvel's Dynamic Cooling Technology the ideal cooling environment to help extend the shelf life of your perishables.


Scientifically Engineered

You may be surprised to hear that Marvel has well-established expertise in scientific refrigeration products in addition to our residential collections. Marvel is trusted by hospitals, laboratories and other medical applications to maintain a steady, accurate temperature for expensive medicines, specimens and other valuable contents. This same technology is applied to our residential line to preserve perishable goods.


Multi-Faceted Cooling

Marvel's Dynamic Cooling Technology is known for its superior temperature stability, faster cooling time and speedy temperature recovery even with frequent use. How this is achieved is through an orchestrated effort of many carefully engineered components. An exclusive high-efficiency fan design facilitates heat transfer by circulating storage compartment air over the evaporator and stored contents, multiple times each refrigeration cycle. An ultra-efficient compressor then works to expedite cooling to the control set point. Then Marvel's commercial condenser design provides greater air flow to the cabinet. This results in greater temperature control and stability.

This results in many advantages:

  • More consistent and even temperature throughout interior
  • Reduced microbe growth to prevent premature spoilage
  • Reduced temperature recovery times from extreme usage conditions
  • Improved product aesthetics by eliminating the cold plate
  • Ease of cleaning

Temperature Sensors and Precise Controls

Each Marvel unit is equipped with temperature sensor(s) to monitor real-time temperature and communicate data to electronic controls. This ensures the actual compartment temperature is aligned with the temperature setting you specified on the control panel. Additionally, Marvel's electronic controls display real-time temperature of the interior, not just the set point like other models.


Distinctive Cabinet Design

Dynamic Cooling is even more effective when combined with our proprietary cabinet design, which includes the following characteristics to ensure optimal cooling efficiency and consistency.

  • Thermal-efficient cabinet to conserve cooling environment despite outside temperature variation 
  • Thick, insulated door (glass door models feature dual pane, argon-filled, UV-resistant glass)
  • Proprietary shelving design that allows for air flow to circulate around shelves, ensuring even cabinet temperature from top to bottom 
  • Strategically located supply and return air ducting allows for various storage configurations without worrying about items blocking air flow

All Marvel models are designed with Dynamic Cooling Technology. Start browsing our selection here.