Wine Storage Temperature

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Marvel Tips: Store Wine at the Right Temperature

Wine storage temperature is critical to the optimum preservation of your wine, and when set perfectly, you’ll experience the full flavor, aroma and character your wine is capable of delivering to your palate.

As a general principle, store red table wine at a temperature of 62°F, but not above 70°F.  Most wine lovers prefer this “cool room temperature” range. Red wines that are young, fruity and crisp, such as beaujolais, may be enjoyed more if stored and served a little cooler.

White table wines, rose wines, champagnes and sparkling wines should be stored at 42°F to 48°F, a temperature range that brings out the refreshing, fruity notes in the wine.

Here’s the Science:

Wine is a fragile and complex composition of chemical compounds, and as it ages, a series of chemical reactions occur from small amounts of oxygen entering in the bottle through the cork. Any physical and chemical changes in the wine’s environment, particularly temperature, can greatly impact this delicate balance of ongoing chemical reactions.  The speed of the average chemical reaction increases with temperature. For example, a vintage wine that would normally require 10 years of careful aging may quickly become past its prime in months when stored too warm.