4 Ways a Marvel Undercounter Refrigerator Helps Store Extra Food and Drinks

You might have been in this situation before: you return home with a carload of groceries for your upcoming party, and now you’re trying to stack everything into your kitchen refrigerator like a game of Tetris.  Are you left to decide what you’re going to leave out at room temperature?

Make hosting parties a breeze without stressing over where to store the extra food and drinks with the storage versatility of an undercounter refrigerator. Capable of storing a combination of extra-large food platters, wine bottles, 12-oz cans, 2-L bottles, 6-packs and more, Marvel offers plenty of solutions to keep your guests quenched and satiated.

Here are four clever ways to help you store more for home entertaining.

1. 3-in-1 Convertible Shelving

A removable glass pane reveals a bonus wine rack option, so you can adapt the shelving configuration to store food, beverages or wine. It works as a great “libation station” to provide plenty of drink choices for your guests. (Available on select models.)

2. Fully Adjustable Cantilevered Shelving

No need to cram or stack items (usually at the peril of the next person who opens the door). Cantilevered shelving allows you to raise or lower shelving to the height of the items you’re storing. Simply lift and remove and slide into the runner level you want.

3. Tall Item Storage

Never lay milk on its side ever again! Certain models provide a half-width interior shelf and extra door storage to accommodate for high-clearance vertical storage for 2-liter bottles, large milk jugs and other tall items.

4. MaxStore Bin

An elegant catch-all, the clear-view MaxStore bin helps you organize loose or bulky items, and it’s capable of storing as much as 15 pounds of fresh produce, four wine bottles or 22 cans!

Marvel Exclusive 3-in-1 Convertible Shelf

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