Top 12 Undercounter Design Ideas

Think outside the box with these tips on how you can use undercounter refrigeration to enhance functional home design and ease of living.


Undercounter appliances add great purpose to the kitchen by expanding storage outside your everyday full-size refrigerator. For example, an undercounter refrigerator or freezer is extremely useful for bulk buying groceries, meal planning or prepping lunches for the week. And a beverage center dedicates space for cans, bottles and 2-liters. That means no more cramming, stacking or leaks from laying an open bottle on its side. Also consider whether or not your refrigerator’s internal ice machine can keep up with your family. You might want an undercounter crescent or clear ice maker to have pound after pound of ice on hand.


Installation Tip:

Refrigerated Drawers are the unsung hero of the kitchen. Just slide open and reach in for cold beverages. Plus, they are great for storing large, bulky containers for meal planning and prepping lunches for the week.



Transform a small space into a luxurious mini bar and enjoy convenient access to chilled beverages, wine or beer on tap. At just 15″ or 24″ wide, there are plenty of undercounter options to offer an easy built-in solution with mix and match flexibility.


Installation Tip:

Proud of the special vintages in your wine collection? You’ll like the Marvel Gallery Wine Refrigerator for the way it displays your favorite labels like a gallery art collection. This HGTV dream home (pictured above) features Marvel wine preservation.



Keep the conversation going by having beverages within close reach like the built-in beverage center shown above. A refrigerator in a family room means movie or game nights can continue without the interruptions to run to the kitchen for snack and beverages.



Modern-day interpretations of the classic butler kitchen are designed to be beautiful, multifunctional storage spaces. Incorporate built-in undercounter refrigeration for additional cold storage or a place to store and serve wine and iced cocktails.


Installation Tip:

Eddie Ross of House Beautiful magazine chose an integrated Marvel Clear Ice Machine for his 1920s colonial butler pantry (pictured above). He let the emerald green cabinetry be the star, while creating hidden access to crystal-clear ice for aperitifs.



Wine aficionados are pairing traditional wine cellar storage with the precise refrigeration technology of wine preservation systems like Marvel to meet the storing and serving ideals for every unique bottle of wine.


Installation Tip:

Add a Marvel wine refrigerator to store or serve your wine collection at a targeted temperature, rather than an environment that changes and damages the integrity of its contents. Dual zone wine storage gives you the best of both worlds—store reds and whites in one undercounter space or use one zone to store wine and the other to serve.



Dining al fresca is much more enjoyable when you have refreshments to complement the experience. Marvel outdoor refrigeration is designed to endure the elements and provide the optimum cooling environment—even on a hot summer day.


Installation Tip:

If space is an issue, choose a multiuse refrigerator freezer model that can store both cold and frozen items in a compact 24” footprint. Take the party wherever you go with a mobile outdoor beer dispenser.



Got a small corner area you don’t quite know what to do with? Add an undercounter appliance for a functional upgrade.



It’s important to stay hydrated for your at-home workouts. Stock a 15” beverage center with water and recovery drinks to help keep you going.



Maximize productivity and comfort in your home office space with a built-in undercounter refrigerator to store snacks, refreshments and lunch. This convenience will help you sustain momentum in the middle of a deadline even when a hunger craving strikes.



Transform your home theater into the ultimate entertaining experience by adding undercounter refrigeration for movie snacks and refreshments. Talk about convenient access to all your favorite creature comforts!


Installation Tip:

Want to keep a beautiful aesthetic with your theater screen as the focal point? Consider our panel-ready options to create hidden cold storage.



Do you have a tendency to get so focused on a task that you don't take breaks, even to go to the kitchen to eat or drink? Just add a slim 15" undercounter model to your craft room, she shed or man cave so you can grab food or beverages without disrupting your flow.


12. Bedroom

Love to enjoy a nightcap while you read your favorite book or watch an evening show? You might enjoy having a 15" model in your bedroom, whether it's a wine refrigerator for a small 24-bottle collection or a beverage center for a refreshing, cold drink. Our models are engineered to buffer noise and reduce sound for quieter operation.




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