Beer Gift Ideas: The Ultimate Christmas Wish List for Home Brewers

Christmas is coming and between my family and my job I have been asked many times to put together a wish list for beer lovers, so here is my ultimate list of what I think every home brewer dreams of.

String of Christmas Lights

Turnkey Home Brew System

I think every brewer would love to have a turnkey home brew system. There are a few out there, but my favorite would be a Psycho Brew LLC (the name itself is awesome!).

This is not your typical home brew set up.  But wow!  I think you would have to be a VERY good boy for Santa to bring this down your chimney.  I think you might also need a pretty big chimney, too.

Psycho Brew LLC Brew System - bob the boeer engineer blog, courtesy of Psycho Brew LLC

Blichmann Conical Fermenter

I see these bad boys from Blichmann and my mouth just starts to drool.  I think of all the carboys I wash during my fermentation cycle and wasted water and beer that could be saved. It’s available in three sizes.

If you are planning on brewing at this type of scale you are going to need to start kegging, which leads to the next ultimate beer-lover gift…

Blichmann Conical Fermentor - bob the beer engineer blog

Corny Kegs

There are a lot of Corny kegs out there and I cannot recommend anyone over the other, but I can tell you that you will need a few, not just one.

corny keg - bob the beer engineer blog

Beer Dispenser

And now that you’re kegging your beer, of course you need a great beer dispenser. I highly recommend the Marvel Beer Dispenser because you can:

  • Customize the tower and gas configuration to your liking.
  • Store more keg configurations than any other kegerator out there, including half barrels and multiple Corny kegs, and it converts to a full refrigerator when you’re between batches.
  • Upgrade your dispensing system by visiting and get any components you need.

ML24BTSMRB Marvel Marvel Mobile Indoor Twin Tap with Black Door

Walk-In Cooler

If you are brewing this much beer odds are you will need some cold storage to keep all those cornies cold until you have a need for them.  What about your own walk in cooler.

Walk In Cooler for Beer - bob the beer engineer blog

After reviewing my dream list, which also includes world peace, next I’ll talk about my practical day-to-day, last-minute gift ideas for beer lovers, too. Procrastinating shoppers are going to love this list!

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