The Art of Serving Wine

shutterstock_10854259Marvel Tips: Serving Wine Like a Pro

A day before the wine is to be served, stand the bottle upright, allowing the sediment to settle to the bottom.

Uncork medium-bodied red table wine and allow the bottle to stand at least an hour before serving.

Here’s the Science:

Giving wine the time to “breathe” gives depth and smoothness to the wine.  This process allows the wine to absorb oxygen from the air, an important oxidation process that activates development of the bouquet and aroma.

For rich and full-bodied red wines, we suggest pouring the wine into a decanter. To decant, pour the wine gently into a clean decanter until you see the sediment begin to flow from the bottom of the decanter. Or decant the wine yourself by transferring the wine slowly to another container. Stop the wine the moment the sediment begins to appear in the flow of the wine.

White table and rose wines only need to be uncorked just prior to serving—exposing these types of wine to air for too long affects freshness and their delicate fruity fragrance.

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