Marvel Scientific FAQs

How are Marvel Scientific Commercial UL Listed Refrigerators different from ordinary household refrigerators? - Click to view

In a household refrigerator, maintaining an exact temperature is not critical. Household models are also subject to consumer energy consumption standards. Therefore mechanical systems and thermostats are designed for low energy consumption at the expense of cooling performance during heavy use.

With Marvel Scientific models, the maintenance of critical temperatures is a priority. Consumer energy standards do not apply to our commercial models. Our larger, more powerful mechanical systems and sensitive controls maintain critical storage temperatures under conditions of frequent door opening. They quickly cool warm contents placed in the refrigeration chamber.

How powerful is a Marvel Scientific refrigerator cooling system? - Click to view

Marvel Scientific refrigerators feature a powerful BTU compressor that is matched with a suitable evaporator and sealed unit bearing fan motor to ensure rapid temperature pull-down upon startup and after frequent door openings.

Are there safety issues when comparing a household refrigerator to a Marvel Scientific commercial model? - Click to view

Yes. Due to vigorous use and the potentially enormous cost of a fire in a hospital, laboratory, or other commercial establishment, commercial rated products are constructed to meet a higher fire safety standard. The mechanical and electrical compartments have steel sides, tops and bottoms to prevent potential sparks generated by a mechanical or electrical failure from reaching flammable wall or flooring materials.

The mechanical and electrical compartments of household refrigerators are often open in the bottom and rear or are enclosed by only cardboard or plastic materials.

Marvel Scientific electrical power cords contain two layers of insulation for added protection against damage, electrical short, or shock. The hospital-approved plug can be visually inspected for integrity of the ground wire.

Consumer refrigerator power cords are lightweight and contain only a single layer of insulation. They cannot be visually inspected to determine ground status.

Marvel Scientific refrigerators are also built with commercially rated wire shelves to prevent the temperature stratification that commonly occurs with glass shelves in residential refrigerators.

Is a household refrigeration warranty valid for commercial use? - Click to view

Marvel Scientific refrigerators are covered by a five-year limited warranty. Consumer refrigerator warranties do not apply when residential refrigerators are utilized in commercial settings.

What is a Hazardous Location refrigerator or freezer? - Click to view

Hazardous Location refrigerators and freezers are hard wire connected to an appropriately rated electrical source. They are listed by UL for use in Class 1, Group C and D applications. The mechanical system has all electrical components enclosed in a precision machined housing to prevent sparks from igniting explosive vapors in the environment.

What is a Flammable Material Storage refrigerator or freezer? - Click to view

A Flammable Material Storage refrigerator and freezer is listed by UL File SA7488 (N) and meets National Fire Protection Agency Standard 99. Marvel Scientific flammable material storage models feature a double insulated power cord with three-prong plug. The mechanical system is constructed so that all electrical components inside the refrigerator or freezer are enclosed to prevent sparks from igniting flammable vapors which may be present in the interior of the cabinet or which may spill out of the cabinet upon door openings.

Does Marvel Scientific offer an explosion-proof refrigerator or freezer? - Click to view

Yes, we refer to them as Hazardous Location refrigerators and freezers.

What is auto cycle defrost? - Click to view

Auto cycle defrost is the simplest and most effective defrost system for an all-refrigerator model. A special thermostat senses the evaporator plate temperature. At the completion of each compressor run cycle, this thermostat opens and turns off the compressor. The thermostat will not close again to initiate the next compressor run cycle until the evaporator plate reaches a preset temperature above freezing, typically 38 degrees F for Marvel refrigerators.

During this period, the accumulated frost melts and becomes water droplets that run down to the evaporation pan. There, the compressor heat and condenser airflow evaporate the moisture.

Where is the thermostat control knob located on undercounter refrigerators? - Click to view

The thermostat control knob is recessed in the front grille.

Where can I get my Marvel Scientific refrigerator serviced? - Click to view

You can call 800-223-3900. We’ll refer you to a service center. Please have your model number and serial number available when you call.

You can also use our Service Locator to find a servicer near you.