Marvel Scientific Safety Information

Refrigeration Designed to Help Keep You Safe at Work

By choosing Marvel Scientific Commercial UL Listed refrigerators and freezers, you are choosing the performance and safety that is assured by our commercial-tough construction and our adherence to strict standards. It is unfortunate that in laboratories worldwide, household refrigerators are pressed into duties they were not designed to fulfill. When these units operate inconsistently or fail, consequences can range from inconvenient to costly to dangerous.

Three Lines to Fit Your Needs

Marvel Scientific offers three lines of refrigerators to meet your needs: General Purpose, Flammable Material Storage and Hazardous Location (Explosion Proof).

Right Tool for the Right Job

Download PDF document that spells out the  differences between Commercial UL listed and household refrigeration units:

“Commercial vs Household UL”

Helpful link concerning laboratory fire prevention:

“Only you can prevent lab fires”
Fire safety recommendations for the lab.