Refrigeration Energy Saving Tips

New generation Marvel Premium Refrigeration is 40% more energy efficient, but if you follow these refrigeration energy saving tips, you can minimize your operating costs even more.

  1. Avoid installing your new Marvel model next to heat sources, such as a cooking range, dishwasher or heating air ducts.
  2. Find an installation location away from direct sunlight.
  3. Ensure the front grille vents beneath the door of your Marvel appliance are clean and never obstructed to allow ventilation for the Dynamic Cooling refrigeration system to expel heat.
  4. Plug your appliance into its own dedicated power circuit to avoid tripping the circuit breaker.
  5. Keeping your Marvel model full of refrigerated goods will require less appliance run time. Creating an “ice box effect”, this trick maintains compartment temperature more efficiently than an empty compartment.
  6. Ensure door closing is not obstructed by contents stored in your appliance. Seems simple enough, but it still happens to the best of us! Fortunately, the Marvel Close Door Assist draws the door to a gentle close when left ajar, and Marvel Intuit Controls features a Door Ajar alarm as an additional safety measure.
  7. Allow hot items to reach room temperature before placing in product.
  8. Minimize door openings and duration of door openings.
  9. When on vacation or away from home for extended periods, set the appliance to warmest acceptable temperature for the stored contents.  Marvel models with Marvel Intuit Controls offer Vacation/Sabbath mode to reduce energy consumption during no or low usage periods and complies with Star-K sabbath requirements.
  10. Turn the power off if cleaning the appliance requires the door to be open for an extended period of time.
  11. Program the warmest temperature control set-point that meets your personal preference (not above 45°F).