In Memory of Bob the Beer Engineer

It is with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to our dear friend and respected colleague, Robert Turnbull, fondly known as Bob the Beer Engineer to us and his devoted readers.

The senior project engineer for Marvel, Bob poured a lifetime of experience into our undercounter product line and was significant in the development of Marvel’s award-winning beer dispensers and wine refrigerators.  He was also one helluva brew master and craft beer aficionado. It’s because of these talents that we started calling him Bob the Beer Engineer, a nickname that stuck.

A creative and inventive engineer, Bob could work his way to the top of any design challenge to create innovative appliances that we could all be proud of. And, he did it all with a sense of humor and a contagious laugh that could turn your day right side up. If you asked him how he was doing, you could bet his reply would be, “Living the dream!”

Deeply entrenched in his craft, Bob cared about his work—and the people. He enjoyed listening to customer “wish lists” to develop a demanded product beyond their expectations. And it was something he did very well. For 12 great years, we were fortunate to have his visionary thinking and practical expertise among our brain trust of engineers.

Bob once said:

Drinking good beer is done for many reasons.  Sometimes we drink to socialize with friends, sometimes to remember old friends, and sometimes just to remember.

Bob, we raise our beer glasses skyward in admiration of you and all the contributions you made to bring out the best in homes across America. Cheers to a friend that we shall drink with again in another place, in another time.

In honor of his legacy, let’s take a look back at the writings he shared with us.