The Marvel Advantage: It’s All in the Luxury Details

Now Up to 40% More Energy Efficient

Look for the ENERGY STAR® logo for our most efficient models.

A Smarter Appliance

Intuitive touch-panel LED controls are what make Marvel models more clever than the rest. The electronic interface of the exclusive Marvel Intuit™ Integrated Control is simple to operate and positioned in the top of the door for easy reach.

Dynamic Cooling Technology Delivers Rapid Cooldown and Temperature Stability

The distinctive Marvel design features a thermal-efficient cabinet and door combined with dynamic cooling technology for superior temperature stability, faster cooling times and speedy temperature recovery even with high frequency.

Overlay Panels Are a Breeze to Install, No Kit Required

Our panel-ready models allow you to blend into cabinetry. No complicated kits, additional parts or assembly required.

Soft-Close Integrated Hinge Makes for a Perfectly Seamless Built-In Installation

Select Marvel Professional models and Marvel panel-overlay models are specially designed with a soft-close integrated hinge, allowing for truly integrated, zero clearance fit to blend with your kitchenscape.

Experience the Difference Quality Craftsmanship Makes

Elegant styling, smart design and infallible durability are built into each unit. We know the quality of the whole is in the sum of its parts, and we leave no detail overlooked.

Store More with the Most Versatile Capacity

We maximized our interior volume and added full-width, cantilever shelves to quickly adapt the configuration to your particular storage needs, whether tall, wide or deep. What’s more, the new 60/40 Split Convertible Shelf™ gives you as many as three storage options within one shelf! And, our MaxStore™ Utility Bin offers high capacity, clear-view storage on rollout glides.

Close Door Assist™ is Designed Into Our Hinge System

Close Door Assist™ automatically draws the door to a gentle close when it is accidentally left ajar to protect your food and energy consumption. This design feature also incorporates a physical “stop”, preventing the door from swinging into adjoining cabinetry. Marvel models only.

Even Quieter Operation

This new generation is by far our quietest thanks to proprietary design enhancements to buffer and minimize sound.