Marvel Big Product Reveal A Hit in Vegas at KBIS 2016

To kick off Design and Construction Week at KBIS 2016, Marvel chose the world’s largest kitchen and bath show of the year to make a major statement, debuting three distinctive product releases never before seen on the marketplace. Flocks of designers, builders and editors browsed the new collections, including two live displays of the Marvel Clear Ice Machine with LED light illumination and Eco Mode, our new ultimate 3-in-1 undercounter refrigerator freezer model for outdoor kitchens, and our clever solution for maximizing undercounter freezer storage, capable of holding up to 200 pounds of frozen goods.  Want to know what we were hiding up our sleeves until now?  Read on for the full

Marvel unveils the industry’s most innovative ice machine technology for dazzling spotlight entertaining

We are pleased to offer an early preview of the industry’s most innovative ice machine technology with dazzling LED light illumination, 30% quieter operation and more features to conserve water and energy! Engineered for unmatched quality, ice clarity and reliability, the new Marvel Clear Ice Machine produces even more clear ice than before with the most pristine clarity available and optimal shape to keep your beverages cooler, longer. What’s more, its new Eco Mode reduces water and energy consumption by 25%.

The first refrigerator and freezer with ice maker for outdoor kitchensMO24RF-features-graphic

The first of its kind, the Marvel Outdoor Refrigerator and Freezer packs beaucoup features into one dynamic undercounter cold storage solution certified for outdoor performance. Capable of producing up to 7 pounds of ice with the add-on Crescent Ice Maker accessory, it features precise temperature management of the refrigerator and freezer compartments independently, MaxStore roller-glide utility bin to store loose items and cantilevered, adjustable shelving system to adapt the storage configuration as needed. The Dynamic Cooling Technology is tested and proven to cool nearly two times faster than other models, a performance benefit especially important for outdoor kitchens.

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New Marvel Undercounter Freezer is tested to hold up to 200 lbs of frozen goods!

Looking for maximum freezer storage within easy reach? The new Marvel and Marvel Professional Undercounter Freezers hold up to 200 pounds of frozen items in one beautifully handcrafted, ultra-efficient package. The high-capacity Marvel Professional model features as many as three full-extension commercial-strength chrome baskets with Smooth Glide System™, and the Marvel model offers a durable top shelf constructed of heavy-duty FreshFlo™ steel, designed for efficient air flow and more even temperature. Marvel Intuit™ Integrated Controls ensure precise frost-free temperature management from -6° F to 6° F to keep contents evenly frozen throughout. Available in stainless steel finish or easy-to-install panel ready option.

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