How to Get Your Outdoor Refrigerator Ready for Summer

After a long, cold winter, it’s almost that time to get your outdoor kitchen up and running. And if you properly winterized your outdoor refrigerator, there are just 4 simple steps to wake up your Marvel Outdoor Refrigerator for the glory days of summer.

wipe icon

Wipe down the outside of the unit with a stainless steel-safe cleaner (don’t use any abrasive cleaners or a scouring pad!). Pay particular attention to any crevices that may have accumulated dirt and debris.

plug icon

Connect the unit to electrical power.

touch control icon

Turn on and confirm your desired control settings.

24-hour icon

Wait 24 hours for the unit to stabilize before filling up with your favorite summer beverages and food.

That’s it! Now if only planning all those summer parties was that easy.


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