How to Clean Your Marvel Beer Dispenser

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Video Tutorial: How to Clean Your Marvel Beer Dispenser

Did you know it’s good practice to clean your beer dispenser regularly to prevent foul-tasting beer?  Watch the video as Bob the Beer Engineer demonstrates how to properly clean your Marvel Beer Dispenser with a Tap Cleaning Kit, or follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Cleaning Your Kegerator: A Step-by-Step Guide
  1. Remove keg to begin.
  2. Close gas valve below regulator.
  3. Push and rotate coupler counterclockwise to detach from keg.
  4. Pull coupler pin to release pressure.
  5. Remove plastic hose clamps with needle nose pliers, and detach red hose line.
  6. Remove plastic hose clamps from beer line, and detach from coupler, using twisting and pulling motion to release.
  7. Use spanner wrench provided in the Tap Cleaning Kit to remove the faucet. Place wrench pin into faucet collar hole and turn clockwise.
  8. Remove tap handle and set aside.
  9. Open cleaning solution provided in the Tap Cleaning Kit and place half scoop into the mixing bottle.
  10. Fill mixing bottle halfway with water, and shake carefully until thoroughly mixed.
  11. Attach cleaner hose by rotating faucet collar counterclockwise.
  12. Pump to inject cleaning solution through tap lines, and after all solution has cleared through the lines, remove cleaner hose from the faucet tower.
  13. Clean grate and top sump area with soapy water and dry.
  14. Unscrew faucet assembly and soak in hot water.
  15. Use the brush provided in the Tap Cleaning Kit to scrub stuck-on grime, and allow the parts to dry.
  16. Scrub coupler with hot water and let dry.
  17. Reassemble tap faucet, and reattach to tower. Tighten with spanner wrench, and screw on tap handle. (Make sure it’s pushed back.)
  18. Reattach red gas line and plastic hose clamps to coupler, and snap clamps into place with pliers.
  19. Reattach beer line and plastic hose clamps, securing clamps with pliers.
  20. Now you’re ready for a fresh keg!

Order Tap Cleaning Kit

The Tap Cleaning Kit (Part # 42242373-ACCY) includes everything to quickly clean your tap, and includes cleaning solution, pump, mixing bottle, brush and wrench.

To order, contact or call (800) 223-3900.

New Care & Cleaning Bundle Pack for Marvel Clear Ice Machines


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How to Get Your Outdoor Refrigerator Ready for Summer

After a long, cold winter, it’s almost that time to get your outdoor kitchen up and running. And if you properly winterized your outdoor refrigerator, there are just 4 simple steps to wake up your Marvel Outdoor Refrigerator for the glory days of summer.

wipe icon

Wipe down the outside of the unit with a stainless steel-safe cleaner (don’t use any abrasive cleaners or a scouring pad!). Pay particular attention to any crevices that may have accumulated dirt and debris.

plug icon

Connect the unit to electrical power.

touch control icon

Turn on and confirm your desired control settings.

24-hour icon

Wait 24 hours for the unit to stabilize before filling up with your favorite summer beverages and food.

That’s it! Now if only planning all those summer parties was that easy.


Looking to Build or Update Your Outdoor Kitchen?
Check Out Marvel’s Outdoor Series

How to Winterize an Outdoor Refrigerator

Winterizing Your Marvel Outdoor Refrigerator

It’s the time of year many of us dread, when temperatures drop and winter looms, and we must bid temporary adieu to festive outdoor parties, cold draft beers on the patio, sunbathing with an iced beverage in hand…oh come on now, don’t cry, there’s always next year!

Marvel Outdoor RefrigerationLet’s properly winterize your Marvel Outdoor unit to await another happy season of trusted cooling performance amid hot weather, humid conditions and other elements of the good life.

When Should I Winterize My Outdoor Refrigerator?

When temperatures reach 38°F (3.3°C), it’s time to winterize. A word of caution: Operating your unit at ambient temperatures below the recommended winterization temperature will void your warranty. Next, let’s move on to the nuts and bolts of how to winterize an outdoor refrigerator.

Step by Step Winterization Guide

  1. Turn unit off by pressing and holding the “ON/OFF” button for three (3) seconds. “OFF” will appear on the display.
  2. Remove all contents.
  3. If necessary, move the unit so you can gain access to the back.
  4. Unplug the unit from the power outlet.
  5. We recommend you turn off the power to the outlet if the circuit is not required during the winter season.
  6. When cleaning unit pay particular attention to any cracks and crevices that may have accumulated dirt and debris.
  7. Remove the front toe-grille, (see Figure 23 below), and use a brush and vacuum to clean dirt and debris from beneath the unit.
  8. Thoroughly clean the toe-grille and re-install on the unit (see Figure 23).
  9. Remove the rear access cover, (see Figure 24 below), and use a brush and vacuum to clean dirt and debris from the machine compartment.Figure-24-Marvel-Outdoor-Winterization
  10. Thoroughly clean the rear access cover and re-install on the unit.
  11. Wipe down all interior surfaces with antibacterial cleaner and follow with a clean rinse of water to remove any residual chemicals that could result in staining. Note: Do not use any abrasive cleaners or scouring pads.
  12. Leave the door open and allow the interior to completely dry before closing the door.
  13. Thoroughly clean the door gasket with antibacterial cleaner and rinse with clean water to remove any residual chemicals.
  14. Thoroughly clean the exterior with a stainless steel cleaner. Do not use any abrasive cleaners or scouring pads.
  15. Any mounting hardware or fasteners that are showing signs of corrosion should be replaced.
  16. Once the exterior has been thoroughly cleaned, you may want to apply a coating of car wax to help protect against spotting from moisture, dirt, and debris that may accumulate on the surfaces during the Winterization period.
  17. And that’s it!  Now, fix yourself a cup of hot chocolate and dream of next summer.





Guide to Marvel Intuit Controls

Owners Guide to Using Your Marvel Intuit Controls



marvel-intuit-controls-starting-applianceStarting your appliance:

Plug the power cord into a 115 volt wall outlet. Your Marvel model is shipped from the factory in the “On” position and will begin start-up of cooling as soon as power is supplied. If this does not occur, confirm that the wall outlet has power, and that the control is in the “On” position. The Marvel Intuit Control display is covered with a clear plastic film. This film may be removed by carefully lifting the film at a corner.

On initial power up, the control display will indicate a “Power Failure” alarm. This is a normal condition as the appliance was powered-up at the factory for quality inspection and then removed from power. A momentary press of the “On/Off” keypad will reset this alarm condition.

marvel-intuit-sleep-modeActivating Sleep and Wake mode:

If no keypads are pressed for 60 seconds, the display will enter sleep mode to conserve power. The control panel will go dark with the exception of the system status “OK” indicator which will remain enabled. Alarm conditions will wake the display. To make the following changes to the control settings (turning the appliance ON/OFF, adjusting the temperature, changing the interior lights, and activating vacation mode), the control must be awake.

To wake the display press any keypad. A confirm tone will sound, and the current storage compartment temperature will be displayed.

The sleep mode can be disabled if you prefer to have the display on continuously. Press and hold the “Lock” keypad until the display goes past “Loc” and reads “nSL”. To enable the sleep mode, repeat the instruction, again going past “Loc” until the display reads “SLP”.

marvel-intuit-controls-on-offTurning your appliance ON and OFF:

If the appliance is “On” and out of sleep mode, the temperature will be shown in the display area of the control. To turn the appliance “Off”, press and hold the “On/Off” keypad for 4-seconds. “OFF” will now be displayed on the control. To turn the appliance “On”, press and hold the “On/Off” keypad for 4-seconds.

marvel-intuit-controls-adjusting-temp Adjusting the temperature:

To set or check the set-point temperature (with the control out of sleep mode), press the “-” or “+” keypads. “SET” will be indicated on the user interface panel and the current set-point temperature will display and flash. Subsequent presses of the “-” or “+” keypads will adjust the temperature colder or warmer respectively. When you have reached your desired set-point temperature, press the “On/Off” keypad to accept, or do nothing and the “Set” mode will timeout in 10-seconds accepting the displayed temperature as the new set-point.

The available set-point temperature range for your appliance is 34°F (1.2°C) to 42°F (5.7°C). If you attempt to adjust the temperature outside of this range you will receive an audible notification.

When initially loading your product with warm contents, it may take up to 48-hours for the storage compartment temperature to stabilize. When making temperature set-point changes, it may take up to 24-hours for the stored contents to stabilize at your new set-point temperature.

Factors that affect the storage compartment stabilized temperature:

  • Changes to temperature setting.
  • Room temperature changes.
  • Temperature of stored contents.
  • Loading warm contents.
  • Cold content load will delay the change to a warmer set-point temperature.
  • Warm content load will delay the change to a colder set-point temperature.
  • Usage, (number and duration of the door openings).
  • Use of the storage compartment display lighting (glass door product only).
  • Installation of the appliance in direct sunlight or next to a heat source.

marvel-intuit-interior-display-lightingInterior display lighting (Glass door models only):

Your appliance is equipped with a dual light level theater display lighting feature. With the control out of sleep mode press the “Light” keypad once to activate the interior lighting display feature at full illumination. A confirmation tone will sound, and the light bulb “Icon” will illuminate. Pressing the “Light” keypad a second time will dim the lighting to 50%. A third press will deactivate the display lighting feature. The display lighting will automatically deactivate after 4 hours.

marvel-intuit-controls-temperatureTemperature mode:

The temperature mode is preset from the factory in Fahrenheit (°F) but you have the option to change it to Centigrade (°C). To change the mode, press and hold the “-” keypad, while pressing the “+” keypad, then release the “-” keypad. The temperature will now be displayed in Centigrade (°C). Repeat the procedure to change the temperature mode back to Fahrenheit (°F).

Cmarvel-intuit-control-lockontrol lock:

The control panel can be locked to avoid unintentional changes. To lock the control, press and hold the “Lock” keypad until the display reads “Loc” then release your finger from the keypad. The lock icon will flash three times and then continuously illuminate. When the control panel is locked, only the Lock keypad, System Status OK indicator , and the Alarm indicator are active. To unlock the control panel, repeat this instruction until the display reads “nLc”.


The control will alert you to conditions that could adversely affect the performance of your Marvel appliance.

  • Door ajar – If the door is open, or not closed properly, for more than 5-minutes the System Status OK indicator will turn-off, the “Door Ajar” indicator will flash, and a tone will sound every 60 seconds. Additionally, an “ALARM RESET” indicator will be displayed below the “On/Off” keypad. This alarm condition can be reset by closing the door or momentarily pressing the “On/ Off” keypad, (i.e. if you are cleaning the storage compartment, etc.). The alarm will recur in 5-minutes if the alarm condition persists.
  • Power failure – If power to the appliance is interrupted the System Status indicator will turn-off and the “Power Failure” indicator will flash. Additionally, an “ALARM RESET” indicator will be displayed below the “On/Off” keypad. No audible tone will sound. This alarm condition can be reset by momentarily pressing the “On/Off” keypad. If this alarm occurs, it is recommended that you check the condition of any perishables, even if the appliance is operating normally and the temperature has recovered, as prolonged power outages could result in excessive temperature excursions which may spoil perishables.
  • Temperature alarm – If the storage compartment temperature exceeds 10°F from set-point for more than a 1-hour duration, the System Status indicator will turn off, the “Temp” indicator will flash, and an audible tone will sound every 60-seconds. Additionally, an “ALARM RESET” indicator will be displayed below the “On/Off” keypad. This alarm condition can be reset by momentarily pressing the “On/Off” keypad. If this alarm occurs it is recommended that you check the condition of your stored contents, even though the appliance is operating normally and the temperature has recovered, as prolonged temperature excursions could spoil perishables.

NOTE: Multiple alarms are possible, i.e.”Door Ajar” for a prolonged period may trigger a “Temp” alarm, in which case both “Door Ajar” and “Temp” indicators will activate.

marvel-intuit-controls-vacation-sabbath-modeVacation mode:

This operating mode can be used to save energy during high cost energy periods, or when you won’t be using your appliance for an extended period of time by disabling the lights, alarm tones, and keypad entry tones. Vacation mode also serves as a Sabbath mode, disabling functions and its controls in accordance with the weekly Sabbath and religious holidays observed within the Orthodox Jewish community. When used as Sabbath mode, you may open or close the door at any time to access contents without concern of directly turning on or off any lights, digital readouts, solenoids, fans, valves, compressor, icons, tones, or alarms. When activated, the display, alarm indicators and tones, keypad touch tones, interior lights, and all options are disabled. All keypad functions are disabled, with the exception of the “On/Off” keypad which is required to exit Vacation mode. Storage compartment temperatures are monitored and controlled at the settings prior to entering Vacation mode.

To enter Vacation Mode (with the control out of sleep mode), press and hold the “On/Off” keypad until the display goes past “OFF” and reads “VAC”. The display will flash “VAC” three times to acknowledge your request, then will display “VAC” continuously until Vacation mode is exited. A power outage will not exit Vacation mode, exiting can only be accomplished manually. To exit Vacation mode and return to normal operation, press and hold the “On/Off” keypad until the control displays the temperature.



Refrigeration Energy Saving Tips

New generation Marvel Premium Refrigeration is 40% more energy efficient, but if you follow these refrigeration energy saving tips, you can minimize your operating costs even more.

  1. Avoid installing your new Marvel model next to heat sources, such as a cooking range, dishwasher or heating air ducts.
  2. Find an installation location away from direct sunlight.
  3. Ensure the front grille vents beneath the door of your Marvel appliance are clean and never obstructed to allow ventilation for the Dynamic Cooling refrigeration system to expel heat.
  4. Plug your appliance into its own dedicated power circuit to avoid tripping the circuit breaker.
  5. Keeping your Marvel model full of refrigerated goods will require less appliance run time. Creating an “ice box effect”, this trick maintains compartment temperature more efficiently than an empty compartment.
  6. Ensure door closing is not obstructed by contents stored in your appliance. Seems simple enough, but it still happens to the best of us! Fortunately, the Marvel Close Door Assist draws the door to a gentle close when left ajar, and Marvel Intuit Controls features a Door Ajar alarm as an additional safety measure.
  7. Allow hot items to reach room temperature before placing in product.
  8. Minimize door openings and duration of door openings.
  9. When on vacation or away from home for extended periods, set the appliance to warmest acceptable temperature for the stored contents.  Marvel models with Marvel Intuit Controls offer Vacation/Sabbath mode to reduce energy consumption during no or low usage periods and complies with Star-K sabbath requirements.
  10. Turn the power off if cleaning the appliance requires the door to be open for an extended period of time.
  11. Program the warmest temperature control set-point that meets your personal preference (not above 45°F).