American Made Luxury Kitchen Appliances (Source: The Daily News)

Look for our feature story on the front page of The Daily News! This detailed company profile offers insight into our legacy and future crafting quality, American made refrigeration products in the community of Greenville, Michigan.


The community company: AGA MARVEL boasts 123 years of Greenville manufacturing

By Brad Klosner

— When it comes to dedication to the community, few companies have been doing it as long as AGA MARVEL. The manufacturer of high-end kitchen appliances has been operating in Greenville for 123 years.

“We’re the oldest refrigeration manufacturer in the United States,” AGA MARVEL President Brad Stauffer said. “We started in 1892 right here in Greenville about five blocks away from where we are now, right on Ranney Drive. The building is still there today.”

Now located on E. Van Deinse, the company manufactures products for both the “hot” end of the kitchen as well as for the “cold.” Although it has changed its name a few times over the years, AGA MARVEL is essentially the same refrigeration company which started in Greenville. It got “hot” after being purchased by Aga Rangemaster, PLC a few years ago.

“You got two worlds,” Stauffer said. “You got AGA, which is the hot, cooking side, and then you got Marvel, which is the food preservation side.”

Most recently, the company has been purchased by Middleby Corp., a food service industry-based company, which is going to only expand AGA MARVEL.

However, they would not have had the opportunity to become as big as they are without a solid foundation of quality products built by quality employees in a quality community for more than 100 years.

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