Hi, I’m Bob. Let’s Talk Beer.

Bob the Beer Engineer

Craft beer, the next frontier.

This is my passion, and my mission is to seek and inform you about brewing and the dispensing equipment that makes great beer taste even better. And take to you to where everyone wishes to be.

I happen to be living a very good life right now. I design Marvel undercounter refrigerators, including beer dispensers and wine chillers. I also am a home brewer. The two fit together very well. I am able to marry my love of chemistry, micro-biology, and physics together to brew many ales and test out the equipment that dispenses them.  It’s how I got the nickname Bob the Beer Engineer.

My passion for brewing started in 2007, looking for a change after 15 years of wine making. I was never much of a beer lover, I only drank to be social. A friend convinced me to give it a try, and after a few brews I was hooked. Now after seven years developing beer dispensers and 174 brews behind me, life is pretty good.


This is my home brewery, Just Bull Brewery, where all the magic happens.

Currently I am getting ready for my 25th yearly gathering to celebrate home brewing and home wine making with the many people I have met over the years. I brewed five different beer batches for this gathering, including dry hopped pale ale, Irish red, Amber aged with toasted wood chips, Baltic porter, and bourbon aged porter.

None of this would be easy without my two Marvel Beer Dispensers, both of which are currently storing corny kegs. If you are a brewer you know this term. If not, think of it as the old soda pop syrup keg used before they switch to plastic bags and boxes.

Well that is my story, and I’d like to hear yours.  Hope you join in on our discussion about the biology, chemistry and enjoyment of craft beers.

Take care and drink wisely,