6 Ways to Store Perishables

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Marvel Refrigeration Guide: How to Store Perishables for Peak Freshness

1. ROTATION: Before you make your shopping trip, bring foods hiding in the back of the fridge to the front.  Now, you’ll avoid wasting forgotten food and won’t buy duplicates of an item you already have in stock. 

2. SHELVES: Adjust shelves to accommodate for the height of food to best allow cold air to circulate. Marvel refrigerator shelves are designed to provide unmatched storage capacity and flexibility.

3. PRODUCE: Avoid washing produce before refrigeration, because the dampness can incite mold and rot.  Store produce more apt to dry out in plastic bags with perforation or an open seal.  This maintains a moist environment while still allowing air to circulate.

4. MEAT: Store meat and seafood on the bottom shelf to prevent drips from contaminating other food.  Retain all fresh meat products in their original store packaging. Every time you re-wrap, it exposes the food to harmful bacteria.  Plus, it prevents raw juices from contaminating other food.  Avoid slicing food until you are ready to consumer it, unless you intend to freeze the remainder.  Chopped items spoil faster than whole.

5. DAIRY: Leave dairy in the original container.  Store leftover dairy products like cottage cheese, yogurt, sour cream, milk or cream in a pitcher or bowl, tightly covered with loose plastic.  Keep hard cheeses in their original store wrapping until use, then wrap in wax paper, foil or loose plastic.

6. LEFTOVERS: Refrigerate within 2 hours of cooking.  There’s no need to wait for food to cool before storing–Marvel refrigerators can handle it.  Storing leftovers in airtight, leak-proof, clear containers helps remind you of what needs to be consumed.